Bellie’s Adoption Story

So, if you know anything about me, you know I love cats. Not kidding. Eric jokes that I only have four-legged friends on Instagram. Not gonna lie it’s kinda true!! I’m the person that doesn’t cry when a child dies in a movie, but the second the writers kill off the pet, I am done for.

I always said I would adopt my own cat once I graduate college. Back in November, I remember going into Petsmart (IDK why. I didn’t own my own pet at the time). There was a Russian Blue adult in their adoption center. I always wanted a rescue kitten, but this sort of opened my eyes to the idea of getting an adult cat.

Fast forward about a month… Thanksgiving came and went and finals week was here. I, like the weirdo I am,  was looking at adoptable cats in the Fayetteville area online for fun. A Russian Blue was on the site and I was obsessed. I contacted the rescue group. It’s called Fabulous Felines NWA. Seriously, they rock! I immediately got a text back and they told me the Russian Blue was at Petsmart…. it was meant to be!!

So, we went and met her and a few days later I came home with Bluebell. If you read my About Me, you will see I like to abbreviate things. As a result, I call her Bellie.

I found out Bellie’s full story upon adoption. Bellie is only about a year old. The rescue group thinks she was born early 2017. She was found at an all-kill dog shelter in Waldron, Arkansas and was at full-term pregnancy. She had her whole litter of kittens and they were all adopted out. She was left and was rescued by Fabulous Felines NWA. Then she lived at Petsmart for about six weeks until I adopted her. Her adoption was actually almost 75% funded by donors which is pretty neat.

Despite her rough few months, she’s happy, healthy and a total diva. She has a gray rhino toy that we call her ‘baby’ because I truly thinks she believes it’s one of her babies. It’s the funniest thing. She plays fetch and sits for a treat, too. All in all, she’s a cat dog.

I think I’ll keep her.

xoxo, Abbie (and Bellie)

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