Scottie’s Adoption Story

Scottie was adopted September of 2016. Eric and I went to the Rogers Animal Shelter and they had this huge room of kittens. The shelter is extremely loud because of the large dog section, so the poor kittens were so scared. Scottie was the smallest and the runt of one of the litters. He was so scared and kept hiding under the big metal crate.
The shelter was so over their carrying capacity, that they were adopting kittens out for $10 and were allowing you to take them that day (pre-neutering). This little runt kitty has turned into a walking lion. I kid you not. He is 13 pounds and is not overweight. Bellie is 6 pounds if that gives you any perspective. When we brought Scottie home, he could barely eat dry food because he was so young. The litter’s mother was killed and  they found the babies orphaned, so they were not properly weened. He was about 1 pound and only about 3-4 weeks old. For the first two or three weeks, he drank kitten milk and then was transitioned to the kitten kibbles of dry food. So Scottie lives with Eric and they have become such buddies. Because of his coloring, we named him Butterscotch, but we call him Scottie.

He’s a hoot and is definitely not a little runt anymore!


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