– 10/10!!!!

What is better than creating something totally your own? Creating a phone case that is totally unique to you!

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Case App and have had such a fun experience! I was able to create a phone case that was completely tailored to me. The entire process was quick, easy, and fun! If you aren’t into having to create your own, there are cases with designs already made and they are just as cute as can be! Here’s the one I chose — Dots on White!

First, you go to their site and pick your phone type and what kind of case you want. They have different types ranging from skins, to durable/tough cases, and then the regular clip on cases with no bumper. I chose two types! The tough case with a bumper and the regular case!


I wanted to wait a few weeks before I did my blog post so I can see just how durable they are… and wow! I was not disappointed. I have both a work phone and my personal phone, so I was able to use both and have now for about three weeks. I thought that the durable case would do best, but they have both performed perfectly. I drop my phone all the time and they have been protecting them better than any cases I have had in the past.

Use my code ABBIERENEA20 to get 20% off of your order! Go browse their selections at CaseApp!

All the best,

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 10.37.59 AM


PS. Thank you to Case App for reaching out for this fun collab!

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