Keep your smile shining!

I have always been a fan of electric toothbrushes since I have super sensitive gums. I’ve tried a few, but always end up going back to my regular toothbrush. Smile Brilliant reached out to me about demo-ing one of their electric tooth brushes and let me tell you…. I am in love. I have been a fan of their teeth whiteners and now they have me hooked on their toothbrush!

This electric toothbrush has a super sleek design and has the same results as ones double, even triple the price. At a price point, there are no complaints.

From a young age I have had dental problems, from breaking my tooth vertically in half from a Spree as a child, having braces twice, to having receding gums at age 16. I always am looking to invest in good products for my dental hygiene that don’t break the bank, but do the job I need them to do! After using this toothbrush for two weeks now, I have seen that my gums feel like they are in better shape, my teeth feel clean longer, and my toothbrush charge lasts way more than I would ever think!

The CariPro Ultrasonic toothbrush comes with a charger, the toothbrush itself, and two electric toothbrush heads. This is a great value for what you are getting! Click the link here to purchase your own! Use the link here to check out their electric toothbrush!

Use the code abbierenea20 for a percentage off your purchase!


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