Ruffles & Such from Pink Coconut Boutique


I have the cutest dress to share with you all. Huge thanks to the Pink Coconut Boutique for sending me this versatile piece. I have styled it multiple ways and am just loving the way it turned out! You can use my code ‘ABBIE20’ at checkout for 20% off your order!

I actually wore this dress for my college graduation ceremony. I thought it was so flattering!


I thought it would be fun to pair a few different pieces with this dress to show how versatile it is!

Casual Outfit


I have been LOVING the neckerchief trend. This is one you have most likely seen on my Insta. It’s from Old Navy and is super trendy! I couldn’t find the link to this exact one, but here is a similar one! I paired this with a frayed blue jean jacket to add a more casual vibe to the ensemble!

Date Night Outfit


OOKKAYY this is my favorite. This sweater is slightly shimmery and would make for the cutest date night outfit. I paired this over top the dress to give the appearance of a skirt.

Whimsy On-the- Go Outfit


Throwing a kimono over a dress is by far the easiest way to spice up and outfit while also accessorizing. This is a Band of Gypsies kimono and a similar one can be found here

Here are a few ideas of shoes to wear with the dress. The denim shoes are from TJ Maxx and are the brand UNISA. Here’s a link to a this pair.


Here’s a nice suede heel that I paired with the dress! I love these Nine West heels as they are super comfy and provide enough support to wear for a longer length of time!  I can’t find the exact pair online, so I am linking a similar pair here.



I hope you all enjoyed this dress as much as I did. A huge thanks to Pink Coconut for helping me with this post! Go check out Pink Coconut Boutique and see all their cute items! Use my code ABBIE20 for a discount at checkout!


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New Hair for New Beginnings!

So I got my hair done yesterday by one of my childhood friends, Hannah. She did such a great job and I am obsessed. Since my hair is naturally strawberry blond, I like to keep the integrity of my natural color, but definitely don’t mind spicing it up a bit with some highlights or fun layers! I ended up going with a slightly cool-toned balayage to contrast my very warm hair color. (LOL you can’t get much warmer than orange.) I also got side bangs again and tons of layers. I am loving it and it will be so fun for summer!






As for my outfit, I am wearing this fun top from TJ Maxx and a pair of Free People bell bottoms. I can’t find the exact pair, but I am going to link some pieces that are very similar.

Flare jean

Bell sleeve top

Hope you enjoy!


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My Neckerchief Obsession

I am not sure if you’ve seen my last few Instagram posts, but I am obsessed with ‘neckerchiefs’. Essentially it’s just a handkerchief that’s used as a neck scarf. I am so loving this trend!

The other day I was at Old Navy checking out and the cashier told me she didn’t feel comfy wearing the neckerchief. I felt the SAME way the first time I wore one. I actually took it off halfway through the day because I felt so weird wearing it. The next time I had it on, I stuck it through. Just wear it once and you’ll be obsessed like me!! Dresses, sweaters, tanks, whatever it may be, these will match.

This jean button down is a Merona top from Target circa 9th grade. I am wearing black, Bershka jeans, and the Old Navy Neckerchief! Click here to buy!! It’s on sale for $7 right now and you get more $$$ off with code ‘THANKYOU’. They’ve got so many cute patterns… it’s dangerous!





Hope you all enjoy this trend and embrace the 50’s vibe it gives!! Have a great week!

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Spring has Sprung!!!






What better way to spend your Sunday in the sun, with a friend, yummy food, and pretty flowers?! This was my outfit today and I LOVE IT! You have seen some of these pieces before, mainly because all of my spring clothes are still in Memphis at my parents house, but also just because they’re just that dang comfy!

I am wearing a pair of Bershka black, high-waisted jeans, a striped American Eagle flowy top, and my Sanctuary blue jean jacket! Oh… and can’t forget my Old Navy Neckerchief. By the way, Old Navy is 40% everything today…!

Hope you all have a great week!

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Casual Saturday Midi

The weather in NWA has been absolutely gorgeous! When we shot this outfit, it was 80 degrees and sunny with the best breeze. We have the Ozark Mountains to thank for our constant wind!

I love to throw on a blue jean jacket with any outfit to make it a bit more casual and add a bit of fun to the look! Here, I am wearing a pair of clogs, a sage green midi dress with smocked top, and my distressed jean jacket! This entire outfit is from TJ Maxx and cost under $65 together!! I will post




Because all of my pieces are from TJ Maxx, I can’t link the exact ones. However, I am going to link a few alternatives that are similar!

Distressed Jean Jacket from Target

Smocked Top Midi Dress 

Tan Heel Wooden Clogs

I hope ya’ll enjoy this look as much as I do! Enjoy!

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Calling All Stripe Lovers


How cute is this top from Old Navy? Right now you can earn Super Cash by shopping there. I ran in the other day and found this adorable striped top. It is super lightweight and has the cutest tassels. The best part? It was only $12.

I am also wearing my William Rast jeans with a pair of Rock & Candy slide on sandals from TJ Maxx last summer. I couldn’t find the exact olive green pair I have online, so here is a link to a similar pair! This outfit is great for on the go and will give you a little break from the cool wind since the weather hasn’t turned completely warm yet.



I hope you enjoy this look and can get a little spring inspiration from the sun that finally decided to pop out!


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Let Your Organization Skills Bloom

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 12.35.04 PM

This week I had the opportunity to partner with bloom planners to create the first part of  my On the Go blog series! Bloom has a fun variety of planners to choose from! Being organized is one of my number one priorities when I know I have a busy week ahead, so I am going to share some of my tips and tricks on staying on top of things!

I am not sure about you, but I definitely have a mental calendar in my head. If I have a hair appointment in 3 months on a certain day, my brain automatically files it away. Despite this mental calendar, important dates still fall through the cracks! With the help of bloom and their fun planners, I can stay on top of things no matter how crazy life may be!


TIP #1: Prioritize

There’s nothing more frustrating when you have a long to do list and some things that are critical fall to the wayside. I like to prioritize my top 3-5 todo’s that must be done that day. I love bloom’s Bound To-Do Books for this very reason! This undated to-do book allows you to prioritize your day, plan your meals, and even write your grocery list! What is even better is everything is kept all in one place! With my graduation coming quickly, I have been so on-track by doing this! I love lists and feel so proud when I get to cross tasks off of it!

TIP #2: Get Up Early

I know not everyone is an early bird like me, but I promise if you get up a tad early each morning, you won’t be rushing out the door! I always end up forgetting something at home or leaving my breakfast on the counter if I am rushing, so I try to give myself a little leeway with time. Even if it’s ten extra minutes, you’ll thank yourself later. And, you’ll feel more productive!

TIP #3: Don’t Procrastinate

Ha, this one’s hard. I know. Procrastination seems like it can only be applied to school or work, but procrastination with chores (like folding laundry or emptying the clean dishwasher) will loom over your head. If you get those easy chores done as soon as they pop up, you will have time later to do the important things you enjoy!

TIP #4: Create Goals

A goal can be as little as making sure you make your bed every morning. Like I mentioned, each small victory will create a better attitude and drive your organization! Create goals in all facets of your life – work, school, family, friends, etc. Most of the very successful people in the business world make personal and professional goals and I think this is a great way to boost your drive by working towards something!

TIP #5: Use a Planner

All of the most organized people I know have some sort of planner or notebook that they always write important lists, dates, and names down. I think this is a great way to have everything in one central location. Personally, I love to-do lists in my bloom to-do book, but I also love using my planner to pencil in dates that are further down the road. Both of these allow me to stay on top of things and remember dates that are not coming down the pike just yet! Even if you aren’t in school, a planner is a great way to stay on top of your goals and have success in even the smallest of ways.


I know some of these tips may seem obvious, but I also know each one of them has helped me in more ways than I can count! I feel successful just crossing a day off my planner. Yes, sounds cheesy, but it’s true! Make sure to head over to bloom’s website or Insta to check out all of their pretty planners! I promise you that being organized is a game changer that you won’t regret!


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On the Daily: Makeup Faves!

Makeup Faves copy.png

I love to read about everyone’s favorite makeup products and get the full scoop before I buy… so, now I will do that for you! There are a few products I have that I reach for every single day, no matter what kind of makeup look I am doing.

1. Wet n Wild Coloricon Bronzer – 743A Reserve Your Cabana

I first started using this product after watching one of my long-time favorite Youtubers, Kelly Strack. This is the perfect under eye setting powder for concealer! It has a tad bit of shimmer, so it makes your under eyes pop! It is super cheap, but in my opinion beats all of the name brand setting powders you find at Ulta and Sephora! You can find Wet n Wild products at most drug stores, but I purchased mine at Walmart. It retails for $3.99! You can’t get much better than that!

2. Almay i-color liquid liner – 022 Brown Topaz

I purchased this eyeliner at TJ Maxx one day and fell in love. The tip of the eyeliner applicator has the best point, so it is easy and manageable to create a cat eye, small wing, or just your everyday line!

I think my favorite thing about this eyeliner is that it comes off so easily with my face wash. I feel like some liquid liners basically tattoo themselves to your skin, but this one does the job during the day, but comes off when you want it to as well!

This can be purchased at all mass retailers, Amazon, or at a local drug store. It retails for $4.99.

3. Colourpop Super Shock Cheek (pearlized) Highlighter – 18B2 Lunch Money 

OMG. This highlighter is the best. I had been looking for a creamy, but lightweight highlighter. This is the winner! It can be super dramatic or can be used for a little hint of a highlight on your average day. This highlighter can also be used as a fun, shimmery eyeshadow. I love the versatility!

I am super fair skinned, so sometimes I have issues with golden shade highlights, but this one coordinates with the skin tone that it is on. I love the way it looks with my foundation as well. I purchased this for $8.00 at Ulta, but you can also buy it online on the Colourpop website!

4.  Tartelette in Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette 

I talked and talked about this for MONTHS and that is because it’s just that good. The formula that Tarte uses for their makeup is so creamy and blendable. You can use this for a very light, minimal look, or amp it up for a night out.

If I had to pick one eyeshadow palette to use forever, it would be the Tartelette in Bloom. You can purchase this on Tarte’s website or at Ulta for $46.00.

5. Too Faced Born This Way 

I purchased this foundation at Ulta because of all the hype that surrounded it. Well, I was not disappointed because this hype was REAL. I love this foundation because it is buildable. You can have a light day of makeup or very full coverage with this foundation. I apply it using a damp Real Techniques beauty sponge and love the finish it gives me. It is not quite dewy, but I also would not consider it a matte foundation.

I use the shade Light Beige. It retails for $49.00 and can be purchased online or at Sephora and Ulta!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my faves. Yes, they change weekly. Heck, they may even change daily. Either way, these are great products that get the job done! Having products that make you feel confident and that you know how to use well makes the makeup application process so much more fun! I hope you go out and try these on your own. I don’t think you will be!


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Starting New

When they say it goes by in the blink, they aren’t kidding. I really don’t know who ‘they’ are, but I know they were definitely right!

College has been such a rewarding experience. I have been such a ‘busy’ college student, but in just a few short months I will probably look back on this and say ‘wow, I could have fit a lot more in my busy day.’ Throughout college, I have gotten really involved in my specific college on campus, as well as my sorority and it’s been so fun. During my senior year, I worked part-time and also started my own Etsy shop called Redhead Threads. It is such a fun outlet where I can connect with other creators on Etsy and Instagram! I have loved college, but am so excited to see what Nashville has in store for me!!

All of this to say, I wanted to share a few of my graduation pictures that the lovely Emma Farr (@emmafarrphoto). She is great!! If you are in the NWA area, definitely give her a shout out for some pics.


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